Bridgette Chambers Named One Of The 10 Most Exceptional Women Leaders, 2024

“Carson&Bear, named after our two canine founders, is a company driven by our love of dogs. We’re not just creating products and services to enhance the health span and longevity of every dog; we’re daring to spark a movement that changes how companies handle manufacturing and marketing dog food and treats” Bridgette Chambers Recently, our […]

Carson&BearTM Dog Wellness Program Launches Groundbreaking Canine Health Project Offering Help to People Who Love Their Dog

Originally posted on   AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In a launch designed to disrupt the growing and often confusing petfood market, Carson&BearTM Dog Wellness Program is introducing a transformative approach to canine health with the national unveiling of its multifaceted wellness program to help people who love their dogs. The technology-based program is a response to the […]

How to Make Feeding Dogs Fresh Food Easy

Everyone, including your dog, feels better eating fresh foods. Providing fresh foods for canine companions is an emerging trend in pet wellness. Pet parents who care about their dog’s nutrition needs want to know how to avoid unnecessary fillers such as corn, wheat, and soy, which are cheaper sources of calories. Becoming better informed about […]

Trends in Dog Wellness: How to Easily Make Real Changes

Pet parents are a savvy group. They know that preventative care can help improve their dog’s wellness and increase the number of years they have together. This commitment to health mirrors trends in human wellness as people seek holistic approaches and natural remedies for both their health and their pet’s health. A recent study shows […]

Eight steps to a longer, healthier life for your dog

As devoted guardians of our dog’s health, we do all we can — we even promise — to ensure they live long, happy lives. In return, we receive cherished companionship, wonderful walks and wagging tails of approval. Care choices, including what you feed your dog, make a big difference in how many years your furry […]

Mastering the Art of Feeding Your Dog in a World of Ever-Changing Diets

In the rapidly evolving landscape of dog nutrition, where new trends emerge and old myths are debunked, it’s easy for dedicated pet parents, like you, to feel overwhelmed. We offer you this guide that aims to provide clarity, a bit of history, insights on trends, and some practical advice for making good choices for your […]