Carson&BearTM Dog Wellness Program Launches Groundbreaking Canine Health Project Offering Help to People Who Love Their Dog

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AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In a launch designed to disrupt the growing and often confusing petfood market, Carson&BearTM Dog Wellness Program is introducing a transformative approach to canine health with the national unveiling of its multifaceted wellness program to help people who love their dogs. The technology-based program is a response to the pressing need for enhanced care and longevity for dogs, inspired by the company founders’ own experiences and their commitment to lengthening dogs’ lives.

“We are a team of passionate veterinarians, scientists, and nutritionists that is changing the way people think about dog care and setting new standards.”

At the forefront of the innovative venture is a strategy combining new technologies with proven canine nutrition offerings that help pet parents make smart decisions about their dog’s nutrition, a task that the founders of Carson&Bear see as unnecessarily complicated given the lack of transparency and integrity in the petfood industry. Carson&Bear’s comprehensive dog wellness and education program supports pet owners who crave facts and scientifically formulated wellness products that will extend their dog’s life.

Entrepreneurs Bridgette Chambers, PhD, and Scott Steinford founded Carson&Bear with a passion for their own dogs and a strong belief that a meaningful change is needed in the canine wellness and food industry. Their combined creation of platform-centric technology and dog wellness products are poised to change public expectations and understanding of canine nutrition and wellness.

“At Carson&Bear we are not just launching a technology-based service and products for dog lovers; we are igniting a movement towards transformative canine care. “We are delivering on the promise – our promise – to help dogs live longer,” said Chambers, whose dog, Carson, and Steinford’s dog, Bear, inspired the company name. “Our journey began with the profound understanding of the deep connections people have with our canine companions. This movement is about more than superior nutrition and wellness; it’s about nurturing and serving a community that values the health and happiness of every dog as much as we do.”

Carson&Bear’s bold, first-in-industry, LifePromiseTM guarantees positive results for those who sign up for the subscription service and dog nutrition products. Subscribers also are connected to an advanced network of proprietary dog wellness services. The promise pledges to pet owners who adhere to Carson&Bear’s wellness protocols that it will extend their dog’s lives beyond the average expectancy defined by the American Kennel Club (AKC). The program embraces all dogs, regardless of age, breed or existing health conditions, reinforcing the company’s belief in the transformative power of balanced nutrition and regular veterinary care.

With a science background in formulating wellness products, Steinford details how the company stands by its promise because research shows that dogs receiving consistent and high-quality veterinary care, coupled with optimal nutrition and wellness practices, have a significantly higher chance of living longer, healthier lives.

“Our vision goes beyond the conventional. We are here to revolutionize canine wellness with an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation,” Steinford said. “As dog lovers and seasoned entrepreneurs, Bridgette and I have witnessed the incredible bond between humans and their dogs. It’s this bond that drives every decision we make. We believe in a world where every dog enjoys the benefits of advanced nutrition and care, and we’re dedicated to making that world a reality.”

Subscriber benefits

At the heart of the company’s approach is its innovative Dog Wellness Program, designed to address the unique health and nutritional needs of dogs and have its customized SuperFoodTM delivered to subscribers. The range of dog foods, supplements, and products available can be confusing to consumers seeking what is best for their dog. Carson&Bear provides science-based information so pet parents can make informed choices, guided by veterinary expertise and tools designed to tailor dietary solutions to individual dogs’ needs.

Unique offerings to subscribers include The Life Promise Guarantee, full access to a suite of mobile apps, including the popular TailScoreTM App, daily packets of Carson&Bear SuperFoodTM, and high-grade salmon oil topper, access to our Specialty Nutrition Veterinary Clinic where all subscribed dogs receive a personalized nutrition plan and appointment with one of our veterinarians in the digital clinic, free bi-annual wellness checkup with your veterinarian, Carson&Bear Kitchen and Kitchen live events, and special members-only discounts in our Marketplace. More information about the unique offerings is available at or

With a focus on longevity and overall wellbeing, Carson&Bear stands out in the pet industry for its comprehensive approach to canine health,” said Carson&Bear Chief Veterinarian, Dr. Rosario Zanatta, DVM. “We are a team of passionate veterinarians, scientists, and nutritionists that is changing the way people think about dog care and setting new standards.”

The company’s philosophy understands that dogs are more than pets; they are integral family members deserving comprehensive care that extends beyond symptom relief and tasty food.

Founders’ unique stories

Chamber’s and Steinford’s entrepreneurial thinking and firsthand experiences with their dogs led to the creation of the Carson&Bear platform that promises a holistic approach to dog wellness. Their understanding of the unique bond between humans and dogs drives every aspect of Carson&Bear, from product development to customer service, ensuring a focus on the whole of the dog’s experience.

Chambers, recognized for transformative leadership and leading technology-based companies solving complex problems and Steinford, with a success record of leading companies to growth, including serving as CEO and growing the pet product company Zesty Paws, have combined their skills and passion to create a company that not only disrupts but also elevates the standard in canine wellness. Their dedication to dogs’ well-being and passion for scientific research has positioned Carson&Bear as a leader in the industry, promising a future where dogs live longer, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

About Carson&BearTM

Headquartered in Austin, TX, Carson&BearTM Dog Wellness Program is a visionary leader in the canine wellness industry, dedicated to revolutionizing the way people care for their dogs. Founded by entrepreneurs Scott Steinford and Bridgette Chambers, Ph.D., the company was born out of a deep love for dogs and a desire to improve every dog’s quality of life. The company’s mission is to extend and enhance the lives of dogs through innovative nutrition, comprehensive wellness programs, and educational initiatives for pet parents. For more information, visit the Carson&BearTM website.


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