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Carson&Bear Dog Wellness Program™: Contributing to a world where healthier pets and people live longer together.


At Carson&Bear™, we are passionate about creating a healthier, happier world for dogs to live longer and enjoy more time with their family. Our mission is to innovate in dog wellness through a mash-up of innovative product formulations and a technology platform offering on-device tools and services that improve the lives of our canine friends and bring peace of mind to their owners. 


Carson&Bear™’s vision is to contribute to a world where healthier pets and people live longer together.

Investment Opportunity

The pet wellness industry is booming, and Carson&Bear™ is at the forefront. We offer an exciting investment opportunity in a rapidly growing market. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainable practices make us a leader in this field.

Global pet care is turbo-charged for continued growth. The Carson&Bear Dog Wellness Program™ is uniquely differentiated for consumers and our B2B veterinarians and pet-based affiliates in pet nutrition products and innovative consumer-centric technologies, allowing investors to enjoy strong returns.

Financial Highlights

Consistent Growth

Robust Business Model

Strong Network of World Class Veterinarians

Strategic Investments

Why Invest in Us?

Vet-based formulations for nutritional products to improve dog health span and longevity

Strong market position

Proven, experienced management team

Sustainable Practices

Join Our Movement

Investing in Carson&Bear™ means becoming part of a movement that values the health and happiness of dogs as much as you do. Let’s make a difference together!