Help Your Dog Live a Longer, Happier Life

The Carson&Bear Dog Wellness Program™ makes dog parenting easy with our research-based platform that provides a personalized approach to your dog’s nutrition in collaboration with your veterinarian.

Unleash the Best for Your Best Friend

You and your family benefit from investing in your dog’s health in many ways. The Carson & Bear Dog Wellness Program™ makes it easy for dog parents to make the best health choices for their pets so that everyone can see those benefits.
We have built the pet industry’s first platform full of vet-formulated nutrition, mobile and web-based tools to make nutrition easy for pet parents, and vet-inspired education to keep you on your toes when making pet-based decisions. Check out our Paw-some subscription benefits here.

What's In the Box?

Many factors influence the life span and health of a dog. That is why we offer Carson&Bear Dog Wellness Program™ subscribers an extensive platform of resources that help pet parents like you feel confident they are making the absolute best choices for your dog’s health.

Think of it as an integrated dog wellness package. We provide the tools you need to keep your dog happy and healthy to your doorstep every month, with online services available on your schedule.

The benefits of the Carson&Bear Dog Wellness Program™ are extensive.

The Life Promise™ Guarantee

Full access to our suite of mobile apps, including the popular TailScore™ App

Access to our Specialty Nutrition Veterinary Clinic, where all subscribed dogs receive a personalized nutrition plan and appointment with one of our veterinarians in the digital clinic

Daily packets of Carson&Bear™ SuperFood™ and high-grade salmon oil topper

Free bi-annual wellness checkup with your veterinarian

Carson&Bear™ Kitchen and Kitchen live events

Special members-only discounts in our Marketplace

Why We Do What We Do

At Carson&Bear™ , we know people’s choices can lead to more time with their dogs. We are so confident in our findings that we guarantee that any dog that follows the Carson&Bear Dog Wellness Program™ for several years will live a healthier and up to 10% longer life. In other words, you can guarantee more walks around the block, wet kisses, zoomies across the house, and, most importantly, more cherished memories with your best friend.

The Carson&Bear Dog Wellness Program™ was created by people who love dogs. Our founding pups, Carson and Bear, inspire our founders to find ways to keep dogs living the healthiest they can. We want to empower other dog parents to be knowledgeable and confident in their investment in their dog’s health and well-being.