Affiliates & Partners

Are you a small or local business? Carson&Bear™ can help you be a big dog with a puppy-sized business.
It takes a lot of work to stand out in a crowded marketplace. When big companies have big budgets, it’s much easier to get products on the shelves and in front of consumers, even if those products contain ingredients that aren’t good for dogs.

How do you stand out?

You need to be part of a pack. Carson&Bear™ believes so strongly in our mission to help dogs and their families enjoy more time together that we partner with brands of all sizes to help them get the exposure they need to reach a larger audience. We also work with dog service providers to help them offer our program to help their clients live longer, healthier, happier lives. 

Marketplace partners and affiliates

You love dogs. It's why you take the time and care to craft products for them that meet the highest safety and nutrition standards. We want to help you find your pack of dedicated pet parents in our marketplace. Even if we're not making the product, we want all pet families to have access to the best products that honor the bond between humans and dogs.
Our program sign-up is easy - when someone applies to be a marketplace partner and affiliate, we vet them for our quality standards and then set up a meeting to discuss how we can work together.

Affiliate Partnerships

Do you have a business that provides dog services, such as grooming, pet sitting, doggy daycare, or training? Carson&Bear™ can partner with you to provide your clients with our program to help them live longer, healthier, happier lives. It's straightforward to set up, with sales done from your existing POS system. As a show of our thanks, we offer an investment in your company with every subscription you sell. Learn more about our program here.

Join Our Movement

Becoming a partner with Carson&Bear™ means becoming part of a movement that values the health and happiness of dogs as much as you do.

Let’s make a difference together!