Vision, Mission and Our Values

Your dog and your family are not just numbers to us. Every inch of our platform is founded on these beliefs and values. They inform how we provide services to help you live a longer, healthier, happier life with your buddy. 

Carson&Bear's™ Vision is to contribute to a world where healthier pets and people live longer together.

Carson&Bear's™ mission is to extend the life and health of every pet by providing a comprehensive approach to wellness, nutrition, and education for pet parents.

Through all of our services, products, and communication, we model these values:

  • Wicked curiosity: We never stop searching for the best ways to transform pet health to provide a happy and healthy life for your furry friend.
  • Radical kindness: We give our all to enhancing lifelong wellness for your pet, and we treat them like they’re our own.
  • Trust Transparency™: We are committed to a culture of responsibility and openness. Earning the trust of our pet parents and veterinary service providers is our priority, and we promise to be transparent in return.
  • Unrelenting excellence: We are dedicated to giving your pet more years by delivering the best comprehensive wellness plans on the market.

Want to see our mission, vision, and values in action? Look at Our Program and see how we are changing the lives of dogs and their families.