Rescuing Wellness

At Carson&Bear™, we’re on a mission to change lives—one wagging tail at a time. Would it surprise you to learn that 17% of dogs rescued from a shelter barely settle into a new home before being returned to the shelter? Sadly, 15 out of 100 dogs experience this re-homing nightmare more than once. We can help improve those odds.

For Those Yet To Be Rescued

Our commitment starts by rescuing dogs from overcrowded kill shelters. We continue improving the odds of a forever home fit by improving their nutrition, behavior, and regular veterinarian access.

How Can You Help?

Consider opening your home to a new furry family member or recommending our rescue program to another loving pet family. Sign-up for more information and opportunities to help a dog looking for a forever home.

Congratulations - you are on the waiting list.

Thank you for having a big heart and showing interest in our pay-it-forward initiative with Rescue Ranch. We have several opportunities throughout the year to get new people involved in our program. Our Care team will email you information soon about the next group of fuzzy friends ready for a home.