The LifePromise™

You Probably Think We're Crazy...

Welcome to the only company that believes so much in improving health span and increasing longevity that we are willing to guarantee it.

We know. Guaranteeing something we can’t control seems crazy. 

So, why do it?

1 We are committed to starting a movement. We believe we can pull other companies with us and push them to focus on how their product impacts longevity. Together, we can insist on better products than junk food sold as healthy options by profit-hungry manufacturers.

2 The science backs up the premise that most dogs will live longer when loved like crazy, fed nutritious food, and cared for by vets more often.

Our Guarantee

If you follow the Carson&Bear Dog Wellness Program™, including using the SuperFood™ topper and twice-yearly vet visits, and your dog doesn’t live for an extended period of time, we will refund you.

There are limitations, such as accidents and time spent on the plan, but we stand firmly behind this promise.

Have Questions?

Our FAQ is a handy tool that answers some of the most common questions about our program. If you can’t find what you need, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time using our Contact Us form.