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Get an Instant Nutrition Rating for Your Dog’s Food

Proper nutrition is the foundation of your dog’s health and longevity. But, do you really know what’s in the food you’re giving to your furry family member?

We do.

Now you can too…

Make The Smart Choice For Your Dog’s Health And Be a Better Pet Parent

Choosing the right food helps your dog feel better and live longer.

Because it can lead to better digestion, more energy, and more happiness.

The TailScore™ app helps you understand how nutritious your dog’s food really is.

Just scan, or search any dog food brand.

The TailScore™ app then instantly analyzes the health impact of over 7,000 dog foods.

So you can instantly see which are good for your pet pal and which you should avoid.

Making it easy for you to find the healthiest options for your canine companion.

Scan the label, or Search by food name

Get your TailScore™ analysis

Keep that tail wagging for a long, long time

Make the best choice for your furry friend, and help them live a long, happy, and vibrant life.

Download the TailScore™ app now and instantly see how your dog’s food stacks up.

Science-Backed Analysis You Can Trust With Our Vet’s Paw-Printed Seal of Approval

“Understanding the nutritional value of the ingredients on a bag of dog food is critical to feeding a healthy diet. Unfortunately, dog food marketing can create a false sense of comfort with dog foods full of carbs, fillers, and other undesirable ingredients that can lead to obesity and chronic issues. The TailScore™ app quickly cuts through the confusion to help pet parents see the best options for their pets. I highly recommend it to support smart nutrition and meal planning.”
~ Dr. Rosario Zanatta, DVM, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Give Your Dog The Best Nutrition Possible And Make Every Meal Count

Expert Analysis That’s Easy to Understand

Our app uses a simple score from 1 to 10. We call it a “TailScore.” It’s based on the latest research and guidelines from veterinary experts. To show you the health rating of your pet’s food, and what you can do to improve it.

Ad Free

Brands CANNOT pay TailScore to advertise. So, no brand will ever influence the score.

On-the-Go Convenience

Compare dog food right in the aisles while you’re out shopping.
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What’s in Your Dog’s Food?

Ingredient labels can be confusing and misleading. Slick packaging is often designed to look healthy, even when it’s not.

Say goodbye to confusing labels.

The TailScore™ app cuts through all the trickery.

Don’t let anyone mislead you. Ensure your furry friend gets the best nutrition possible.

Find out how many synthetic and problematic ingredients are lurking behind the label.

Plus much more that could be harming your dog’s health.

Our vet-approved app analyzes what’s in more than 7,000 dog foods to give your furry friend the healthiest meals possible.

Take the guesswork out of choosing a healthy diet for your furry loved one.

Be a better pet parent. Download the TailScore™ app now and give your furry friend the nutrition they deserve.

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