Carson&Bear™ Dog Wellness Program Unveils “Boost Your Bowl” in New Year’s Challenge for Healthier Dogs and their Owners in 2024

Pet Parents deepen bond with their dogs, improve their health with wellness promise

Austin, TX, January 31, 2024 – In a challenge to pet parents who want more years with their canine companion, Carson&Bear™ Dog Wellness Program is offering a boost to a healthier 2024.

The “Boost Your Bowl” challenge helps pet owners start a journey of enhanced well-being by using more fresh food for both their dogs and themselves. The initiative celebrates the shared health benefits of fresh, natural foods in the diets of dogs and their human companions.

This new year brings a new opportunity for people who love their dogs to boost their food bowl with fresh food and to learn how they can use life-extending upgrades to the kibble dog food they are feeding now,” said co-founder Bridgette Chambers, Ph.D., and whose dog, Carson, helped inspire the company’s canine wellness services so people can have more years together with their dogs.

The challenge is a step towards deepening the bond shared between pets and their owners, underscored by mutual care and well-being, said Scott Steinford, whose dog, Bear, also inspired the technology-based company’s offering for pet owners and resources to enhance care and longevity for dogs.

We want to make it simpler and more enjoyable for pet owners to incorporate nutritious, fresh food into their dogs’ diets,” he said, encouraging dog lovers to use the beginning of a new year to start new habits, like adding fresh food toppers to regular kibble, transforming everyday meals into boosts for their dogs. He added: “Every dog is different, which is why Carson&Bear helps owners learn about their dog’s specific needs and what they can do to add to their well-being and longevity.”

Boost the Bowl includes advice on how to add food toppers that add to hydration, nutrition, and digestive health, which are important to canine and human health. For dogs, toppers make meals more palatable and introduce a variety of nutrients essential for their overall health and vitality.

The challenge is also a gentle nudge for pet owners to reassess their dietary habits, aligning their health journey with their pets. “It’s a shared path towards enhanced well-being, celebrating the joy and love pets bring into our lives,” said Chambers.

Carson&Bear’s bold, first-in-industry LifePromise™ guarantees positive results for those who sign up for the subscription service and dog nutrition products. Subscribers are also connected to an advanced network of proprietary dog wellness services and have access to nutrition services, including Carson&Bear’s Kitchen, to help subscribers create their own meal toppers and treats that provide dogs with necessary nutrients and energy while boosting their bowls.

Overall well-being is significantly boosted by a diet rich in fresh ingredients. Both dogs and their owners experience enhanced immune systems, reduced inflammation, and higher energy levels, leading to fewer health issues and a more active, fulfilling life.

Through the “Boost Your Bowl” challenge, Carson&Bear offers resources and guidance on its website to help pet owners seamlessly integrate these fresh, healthful foods into their and their pets’ diets. Subscribers have full access to a suite of mobile tools, including the popular TailScore™ App that helps pet parents improve the nutritional value and quality of the food they choose to feed their dog.

People who love their dogs are invited to find easier-to-use information on the company’s website,, and learn how to accept the new year’s challenge and holistic approach to better health for themselves and their pets.