Partnering with World Class Veterinarians

We believe strongly that your local veterinarian should be a critical part of your dog’s wellness program, so much so that we make big financial investments in local veterinarians. Our investments help local veterinarians in our network to build and grow a wellness practice that extends the health span and longevity of your furry baby.

Your veterinarian has joined our program. We are excited to be part of your journey. To help you get started and take advantage of all the benefits for your pet, we offer a year’s worth of discounts, totaling up to $115 of discounts per dog! That’s right, all dogs that subscribe to our proprietary wellness program through your vet’s nomination and you can save up to $115 for a year on longevity tools, including the industry’s first-ever LifePromise™ Guarantee, SuperFood™ + Rich Omega Salmon Oil, nutritional design and support, vet access, and great tools like the TailScore™, Nutrition Clinic, Kitchen, and Wellness Academy.

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Your Choice Companion!

Say goodbye to confusing labels! Our app evaluates the ingredients of over 7,000 dog foods to provide the very best high-quality nutrition for your canine companion.

1 Search/Scan Swift barcode scan, instant search — seamless app navigation.

2 Get Results Browse results seamlessly for an intuitive app experience.

3 Best Choice Optimal choices and quick decisions for you and your furry friends.

Personalized Nutrition For Your Best Friend

Are you looking for a deeper dive into your dog’s nutritional needs? Our specialty nutrition and longevity clinic will give you specific details and plans created by our canine specialists tailored to your breed’s needs. Does your dog have special needs? If your vet is part of our Vet-Work, we will send it to them for approval so they can make sure those needs are met.

Real Food, FreshForward

Fresh is best for humans and dogs, but knowing exactly what to serve your best buddy can be confusing. The Kitchen offers recipes and videos to help you create delicious treats and meal toppers from fresh produce and meats that will get your pooch’s tummy rumbling. (And, maybe, yours too!)

Be An Active Partner in Your Dog's Health

There is so much to know about keeping your dog happy and healthy! We’ve created a fun, online learning experience where you’ll learn the nutritional facts and figures to help your fuzzy friend live their best life.

Rescue Ranch: A Better Way to Adopt

Every day, dogs are returned to the shelters because of temperament, health, and behavioral issues. Carson&Bear™ wants to help good dogs find their fur-ever home by removing them from kill shelters and putting them into a 6-month nutrition, wellness, and training program to fit right into their perfect family.

The benefits of the Carson&Bear Dog Wellness Program™ are extensive.

The Life Promise™ Guarantee

Full access to our suite of mobile apps, including the popular TailScore™ App

Access to our Specialty Nutrition Veterinary Clinic, where all subscribed dogs receive a personalized nutrition plan and appointment with one of our veterinarians in the digital clinic

Daily packets of Carson&Bear™ SuperFood™ and high-grade salmon oil topper

Free bi-annual wellness checkup with your veterinarian

Carson&Bear™ Kitchen and Kitchen live events

Special members-only discounts in our Marketplace