Your subscription is more than just a box, even though it is a great box. Here is everything you can expect from us as a Carson&Bear Dog Wellness Program™ Subscriber. Ready to join? Click here to sign up. (LINK TO SUBSCRIPTION PAGE)

The Promise

Our program lets your dog live a longer, healthier, happier life. Curious? Click here to learn more. (LINK TO THE PROMISE PAGE)

Subscription Box

Every three months, you’ll receive a box of our SuperFood™ Topper, salmon oil, treats, a Chef’s Muse, swag, and seasonal fresh food shopping lists. (LINK TO PACKAGES PAGE)


Our patent-pending proprietary app helps you sniff out the best choice for your dog when assessing the number of dog food options on the market. (LINK TO TAILSCORE PAGE) 

Veterinary Services

As a pledge to your dog’s well-being, they get two vet checkups each year. We’ll even foot the bill for their second visit to ensure our plan works fully. Are you curious if your vet is part of the program? Search for them here. (LINK TO VSP PAGE)

Wellness Academy (COMING SOON!)

Science makes new discoveries every day, and it’s our job to keep up with them. In the Wellness Academy, you’ll learn more about how the latest research impacts your dog’s health.

The Kitchen

Interested in feeding your dog a fresh food diet? Our head vet shows you how with easy-to-follow recipes, both LIVE and on-demand, in our video library. Click here to join the fun. (LINK TO THE KITCHEN)