Carson & Bear Dog Wellness Program™

Embark on Your Health Journey with Your Pup

Fostering a strong relationship with veterinarians to make smarter choices about a dog’s diet is essential to your dog’s health and happiness. That’s why we created the innovative Carson & Bear Dog Wellness Program™. We are passionate about offering the facts and better nutrition choices that can lead to longer, happier lives for our canine companions.

Specialty Nutrition Clinic

Specializing in Nutrition and Wellness

Improved Health Esteem

The Carson & Bear Dog Wellness Program™ makes dog parenting easy with our research-based platform that provides a paw-some approach to dog nutrition and is personalized for you and your dog in collaboration with your veterinarian.
Our high-quality SuperFood™, combined with our easy-to-follow guidance and access to exclusive dog wellness resources, takes the guesswork out of dog nutrition, resulting in more tail-wagging years together.
Inspired by dog parents like you who want more time with their dogs, the Carson & Bear Dog Wellness Program™ is committed to offering an innovative platform with best-in-show products and resources to help give your precious pup the long, happy life they deserve.