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Penny’s Promise

Nearly 4 in 10 Americans can’t cover a surprise $400 bill. When your dog needs emergency care, you want to give them the best you can and as fast as possible. But the realities of life mean that many families can’t afford that.

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When Carson Met Penny

Carson took a trip to a veterinary ER clinic a short while back because she was overexcited when eating her favorite treat and started choking. It turned out that the treat dissolved on the way to the clinic, but Carson saw something that changed her world that day. 

When she and her mom got to the clinic, there was a family learning that their dog, Penny, would not make it. The family was upset, and through their tears, they were trying to figure out how they could afford to pay to ease Penny’s suffering. Carson looked up at her mom and knew immediately what she had to do. Carson paid for Penny’s care. 

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42% of pet owners can’t afford a surprise visit to the vet, and it’s devasting to watch your animal suffer because you can’t afford to put them to sleep. 

We want to help.

With every purchase and subscription, we donate XX to Penny’s Program. Carson started this so that no family would be forced to choose between rent and taking care of their beloved family member. We want to help families who have to make the hard choice to let their animals go peacefully but can’t afford to do so. 

Do you need some help from Penny’s Program? I” ‘m not certain of the mechanics yet, but we need information on where people can go to access it. 


Are you looking to support animals in your community and across the globe? Here’s a list of charities that do fantastic work for our fuzzy friends.