Meet Carson&Bear™: Redefining Veterinary Care with Holistic and Preventative Strategies

The Carson&Bear Dog Wellness Program™ is a pioneering blend of traditional veterinary practices and holistic wellness strategies, revolutionizing canine health.

Focusing on nutrition and preventative care, aiming to not only meet but exceed AKC lifespan standards for dogs, you are setting a new benchmark in pet healthcare by joining Carson&Bear.

Integrating the Carson&Bear™ Dog Wellness Plan into your practice expands your service offerings, giving you the tools and support you need to cater to the evolving expectations of modern dog owners.

Position your practice at the forefront of a new standard of proactive holistic dog health care.

This is more than just a healthcare plan.

It’s a commitment to proactive wellness, including a robust support system that seamlessly adapts to your existing business model. Our team is with you to guide you through the onboarding and integration processes, ensuring a smooth transition.

Join us in redefining canine health and wellness and take the first step towards creating a lasting legacy in veterinary care.

Welcome to the future of canine healthcare.

You, your veterinary practice, and clients benefit from:

Guaranteed Wellness Revenue

We make investments in your practice and pay for certain wellness visits. Add more to your income today.

My Nutritionist

Want a nutritionist on staff for free? Your patients will benefit from customized diet info and nutritional coaching.


This app enables informed discussions between you and your clients about food choices.

Carson&Bear SuperFood™

Enriched with pre- and probiotics, this superfood optimizes nutrient absorption.

My Clinic Shopify Marketplace

Set up your secure online store and sell profitable wellness products to clients.

Wellness Academy

Educational platform teaches dog owners about preparing healthy meals for their dogs.

Online Vet Finder

Get listed in this online database, so potential clients can find you quickly and easily.

Nutrition Clinic

Personalized nutrition plans for dogs to promote health and manage unique dietary needs.

Get Started with Carson&Bear™ – Your Next Steps


Start your journey with us today and be part of the wellness revolution. Create a future where nutrition and prevention lead. Ready to revolutionize?

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