The Hidden Toxins That Could Be Lurking in Your Dog’s Food

When it comes to choosing dog food, pet parents often focus solely on nutrition, with the hopes that our fur babies stay by our side for as long as possible. However, dog parents also need to watch for a hidden threat in dog food that could lead to poisoning – and even death. Dangerous toxins […]

Are Grains Good for a Dog’s Diet?

There are so many ingredients to be mindful of in your dog’s diet to make sure it’s well-balanced and nutritious, and one of the most important of them is grains. Grains play an important role in a dog’s diet serving as a source of fiber and energy to keep your pup up for fun. However, […]

What You Need to Know About Carbohydrates in Your Dog’s Diet 

As pet parents, you understand that your dog’s health matters. When it comes to their longevity, fetching them the right foods is essential to more years of life and fun together, so it’s important to know the driving ingredients in a healthy dog diet. Proteins and fats often are in the spotlight when breaking down […]

Creating A Dog Diet Specific to Your Dog

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One of the greatest joys as a pet parent is having our furry companions by our side to experience all of the changes and new experiences life has to throw at us. We want them there to support us through the many different chapters of our lives, so it’s important that we support them through […]

Do You Know What’s Really in the Bag? Top Tips for a Top Dog Diet

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As dog parents, making the healthiest choices for our pups is our top priority. Investing in their nutrition is one of the best decisions you can make in caring for your dog, but it’s important to know how to make informed dietary choices. Picking the right food for your dog takes a bit of know-how, […]

Why Different Dog Breeds Need Different Diets 

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Choosing the right diet for our dogs involves thinking through their individual needs. One key factor is the breed of your dog. Different breeds have different nutritional needs, and tailoring a diet to the type of dog helps ensure that your pup is happy and healthy. While you should look for foods that are labeled […]

How to create the best diet for dogs for more years together 

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Welcome! Team Carson&Bear knows how important your dog’s health and wellness is. It’s why our founders started this movement. Before we share more about the movement we’re sharing insights about an important topic: your dog’s diet. Introducing our first of many blog posts to come below. Creating the Best Dog Diet for Longevity: Beyond “Complete […]