Give Your Dog A Better, Longer Life

At Carson&Bear™, we have the ultimate recipe to keep your dog’s tail wagging for years. Combining our expertise in nutrition and veterinary wellness care, we ensure your pup lives longer and happier so you can have more paw-some adventures together along the way. We are so doggone confident about our wellness plan that we’re the first and only to offer a guarantee of your dog’s longevity. We’re excited to tell you how.

Balanced Nutrition Made Easy

You love your furry companion and want to ensure their diet is best-in-show. Yet, with the overwhelming number of dog food choices on the market, how can you be sure you’ve made the ideal choice? The truth is that many commercial dog foods don’t meet dogs’ nutritional needs and can be likened to fast food in a bag – highly processed, filled with additives, and missing essential nutrients and probiotics. While some dog foods say they’re complete and balanced based on current industry standards, our research shows that most are flawed.

That’s where the Carson&Bear™ subscription plan steps in, bringing your dog’s nutrition to your doorstep to pup-grade their quality and longevity. But we don’t stop at just delivering supplements. We also give our subscribers a personalized nutrition plan to help them make the best choices for their most valued family members.

Growing and Supporting a World-Wide Network of Veterinarians

Paw-sitive Vet Partnerships

Your veterinarian is your best partner to help keep your dog healthy and happy. The Carson&Bear Dog Wellness Program® teams up with providers nationwide who genuinely understand your concerns about your fluffy companion’s well-being. When you become a subscriber, you gain access to this network and get a FREE second biannual visit to our in-network providers.

Keep Those Tails Waggin'

How well do you know your dog food? We get it – you’re busy, and decoding nutrition labels can be a head-scratcher. Using our TailScore® app, you’ll get the scoop on what exactly is in your dog’s food. 

Download it today from your favorite app store.


A dog is a lifetime commitment. Here's our guarantee to help you meet that promise to your best friend.

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Homemade Meals Are For Dogs Too

Join us in The Kitchen for vet-approved dog food recipes you can make at home! Our friendly veterinarian, Dr. Rosario Zanatta, and special guests will take you on a tasty adventure, sharing easy-peasy recipes to delight your dog

Healthy, Happy Dogs Are Our Passion

Good nutrition is the foundation of a longer, healthier life for dogs. Still, with so many different dog food choices, even the most dedicated dog parents are often confused about the best options for their breed. We understand that your dog is a special and essential family member. The Carson&Bear Dog Wellness Program® prioritizes scientific data and a passion for dogs to create a comprehensive research-based platform that delivers a life-changing health plan that your dog deserves.